Thursday, 30 June 2016

The last day of the project-Последний день проекта, с пользой!

Вчера, 30-го июня, был последний день нашего замечательного проекта "Экология юной души".
И он не прошёл даром!
У нашего города День рождения, с 1 июля начнутся празднования, поэтому важно, чтобы каждый мог сделать приятный подарок городу.  Наши участники сегодня сделали такой подарок и покрасили несколько скамеек в городском парке, чтобы было светлее не только от белой краски, но и от выполненного с пользой дела! Молодцы!

Yesterday was the last day of our project and our participants decided not to waste it. As our town has birthday, they made their present and painted some benches in our town's park. Now it is more brightness not only in park but in some souls from satisfaction of the work done.


Saturday, 25 June 2016

Transnational meeting in Estonia: town event, photo-hunt. Активный день во время международной встречи!

After all preparations for town's event were done, we had facinating time.

Firts, in mixed groups we should go hunting-photo-hunting!

Then we were active during town event, made workshop about healthy-muesli, fruit-competitions, spotsment-puzzle and lots of other activities!

For the evening was prepared vegetarian dinner around campfire, where we made evaluation about the whole project!

You can see our result in our presentations  and photos of this day:

После приготовлений к участию в городском мероприятии, у нас было замечательное задание- фото-охота на тропе здоровья.

Во время городского мероприятия мы открывали свою инфопалатку, проводили мастер-класс по изготовлению полезных батончиков-мюсли, фруктовые соревнования и паззл-викторину!

Вечером нас ждал вегетарианский пикник вокруг костра!

С результататми проекта можно познакомиться оп нашим презентациям ниже,  а также посмотреть фотографии этого дня:

Thursday, 23 June 2016


We are making last preparations for Sillamäe event! Welcome!
During event will be working:
14.00-17.00 in Sillamäe beachpark
The platform of our project „Ecology of the young spirit“, infotent:’
-information about Erasmus +
-information about our project
-international puźzle competition about famoust sportsmen of Estonia, Bulgaria, Slovenia
-some funny healthy competitions
-muesli preparations
Activities from our local partners :
- Surf to Time-instructions,  some small show in the sea
-football club „Dina“ match
-bicycles, -aerobics, -small concert outdoor
Now we are going  FOR HUNTING!


Wednesday, 22 June 2016


Yesterday arrived our partners from Bulgaria and Slovenia and we discussed our profram, that started already TODAY!

TODAY was a great day! We were lucky with the weather aswell.

Our day started in pannjarve Adventure Park, where we invited also other youngsters and families from Sillamäe town.

In the beginning we presented our teams and made some funny sporty energisers:

And then started with adventure! Every participant could try himself, we had youngest 5 years old and oldest about 60 years old- the main criteria was- YOUNG SPIRIT!
After extrem but active adventure we started with useful ecological activities- planted new trees around youth centre!  In the end of the day we visited Meresuu Spa and also spent little time on the wonderful Narva-Jõesuu beach. Tomorrow is a big day-we are taking part in big town event and organizing sport and informative activities for the people of Sillamäe. Welcome!

Some photos of the day: